About Brian / BDM Wealth Management

BDM Wealth Management is an independent financial advisory firm that has been helping others build, protect and preserve their assets since 1994. I started my practice with the goal of offering independent, unbiased and totally objective advice to my clients.

Every individual, family and business has a unique set of circumstances, time horizon, risk tolerance, family members involved, and ultimate objectives. I believe clients are better served through an individualized and independent approach. My approach can’t be matched by the larger “wire house” firms. BDM Wealth Management has NO proprietary products and NO Monday morning sales meetings with a list of products for the week. Unlike my peers in larger firms, I don’t have “A”, “B”, and “C” clients. A unique relationship of understanding and trust is developed over time with every client, hence my motto “Independence is the Difference.”

I operate in a fee based model for investment advisory accounts, in which my compensation is directly linked to the performance of my client’s accounts. Buying and selling does not happen unless it makes sense for the account. I generate no commissions or compensation for myself through placing trades.  As a full service insurance broker, I do also have the ability to offer various insurance products which pay a commission, but my recommendations are based solely on your best interest.

Aside from developing diversified investment portfolios (value based individual stocks, ETFs and mutual funds), I also draw from my background in estate planning to work with attorneys, CPAs and even sometimes other advisors on my clients behalf to create and implement comprehensive strategies designed to eliminate or minimize taxes and potentially be beneficial for multiple generations.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss in “plain English” your own situation. I am happy to review existing investment accounts, IRA’s, 401K’s (current and old), annuities, benefits of Roth conversions, and life, disability and long term care insurance. There is never a fee or obligation of any kind for an initial meeting or discussion.

Locations: Rancho Bernardo, CA & Schaumburg, IL.
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